On this day… Boston Massacre

On this day in 1770, British soldiers fired into a group of colonial patriots in what is known as the “Boston Massacre.” Five civilians lost their lives in what is considered to be a critical incident leading up to the Revolutionary War. The colonials had grown tired of the British occupation and taxation in the American colonies. Crispus Attucks, the first casualty of the incident, is perhaps the most well-known victim of the Boston Massacre. Some suggest Attucks was even the first casualty of the American Revolutionary War!

While the history books often portray the event as a senseless massacre, many historians believe the British soldiers acted in self-defense of the angry mob. Find out what really happened on March 5, 1770 with “Unsolved History: The Boston Massacre” [44:27].


For further exploration, check out American History: Foundations of American Government’s, “The Story Behind the Boston Massacre” [34:55]


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