Shared Values, Vision, and Goals

Earlier today, a blog post written by Bill Goodwyn came across my feed. Bill is the CEO of Discovery Education, so I made sure I read it. Don’t think it is just because of his title that I read the whole thing. Really, I read it because every single time I have been around this man and listened to him speak I feel inspired to do more and to work harder. His message always reminds me that I may have left the classroom, but the work that I do every day impacts teachers and kids. Our vision at Discovery Education is aligned with the vision of those of our partner districts. In the blog post, Bill says, “This alignment creates a symbiotic relationship between Discovery Education and our education partners around the globe. Very simply, we operate within a system where our business only succeeds when our educational partners’ students achieve academic success.”

YES! That’s it. It’s really a shared vision and it brings me much joy to work with a group of folks so passionate about student success. I spent nearly a decade teaching special education. I was focused on student success, no matter how incremental the growth might be. Today, because Discovery Education, from our CEO to every employee who is answering the phones, sending the emails, creating the resources, has the goal of transforming teaching and learning, I know I am still making a difference in the lives of students.
Together, with you we are working to make that transformation happen.
I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read Bill’s blog post. I think it will make you really proud to be a member of the Discovery Educator Network.

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