Applying to the DEN Summer Institute

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We are currently accepting applications for the the DEN Summer Institute. This week-long residential style professional development opportunity brings STAR Discovery Educators from all over together to energize their own teaching.

This year, the DEN Summer Institute will take place at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN from July 13-18. The institute is free, but there is a competitive application process.

What do you have to do to apply?

It’s pretty easy, actually. There are two main parts of the application:

1. Answer some questions about yourself and why you want to attend. This is the most important part!

2. Give us a sneak peek into how you use Discovery Education by sharing a video of you teaching or just showing how you share instructional strategies with other educators. This doesn’t have to be fancy or even very long.

Sometimes people panic about the video part. DON’T. If you are in a classroom teaching with Discovery Education content, just turn on a camera and record. If you aren’t a classroom teacher, but support other teachers, you can pretend you have students or you can video yourself sharing instructional strategies with the colleagues you support. Either way, upload your video to someplace like YouTube and give us the link. You don’t have to edit, but you can if you want to shorten it.

Here is an example from a brand new STAR Discovery Educator, Julie Wenger from Corinth, TX. Julie did add a little flair at the beginning of her video, but that is not required at all. Julie has only been a DEN STAR for a couple of weeks. So even if you are a brand new DEN STAR, you can apply and get acepted. As a matter of fact we have reserved at least 25% of the spots for new folks.

Want to make Julie’s day? Watch her application video. Then comment on it or connect with her on Twitter. Take a minute to congratulate her on being the first person accepted to #DENSI2014.

The deadline to apply is March 24 at 8am ET. Don’t miss out. Apply here.



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  1. Shelby Bailey said:

    Congrats, Julie! You will LOVE it! The DEN is a family!

  2. Sheila Fredericks said:

    AWESOME, Julie! <3 Hope to see you at DENSI! You'll love every minute of it!

  3. Cate Beck said:

    Yay Julie! Welcome to the DEN family. It’s an amazing, amazing community. Hope to connect with you personally at DENSI.

  4. Terra-Lee Gratton said:

    Congrats Julie and welcome to the DEN family! This summer will be unforgettable!!

  5. Kat Staton said:

    Well done! Welcome to the DEN community! I hope to be able to meet you this summer!

  6. Jill Boychuk said:

    Welcome togethe DEN! I loved watching your video. You will have the most amazing time this summer.

  7. Katie Warren said:

    Congrats, Julie. You are going to live your week at DEN SI!

  8. Virginia Haase said:

    It sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I’m sorry I’ll be in Minnesota on the farm watching my non GMO corn grow. Hey, maybe I should make a board about raising crops and how GMO food is different from heritage foods…..maybe I should post it as a debate with pros and cons my videos, DE videos, and links to research. This should be a great summer although I won’t make it to Nashville. Sorry!

  9. Jenny Jones said:

    I wish the event did not conflict with my AMSTI training so that I could apply. Looking forward to applying next year.

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