Fun Fact Friday: Leonardo da Vinci

Francesco_Melzi_-_Portrait_of_Leonardo_-_WGA14795Everyone knows that da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, but did you know he invented scissors? It’s true!

Here are some other fun facts about Leonardo da Vinci:

  • Leonardo was the first person to come up with the correct explanation for why the sky is blue.
  • He drafted plans for an underwater breathing apparatus and a diving bell.
  • He designed mechanical flying machines (which of course couldn’t actually fly).
  • Leonardo was initially known as a musician, primarily for his ability to play the lyre.
  • He was ambidextrous, and could draw simultaneously with both hands.
  • One of his conceptual drawings was for an adding machine, essentially an early calculator.
  • Leonardo wrote backwards, so his words had to be read using a mirror.


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