Google Tour Builder – DEN March Madness – Entry #1

This is the first of sixteen entries in the 2014 DEN March Madness Challenge. Every day, beginning today, we’ll share at least one new entry in this year’s challenge. You’ll hear why this entry was nominated and how it can be used in the classroom. In addition, you’ll see an example.

tourbuilderENTRY #1 – Google Tour Builder

Google Tour Builder is our first entry in DEN March Madness. DEN STAR Robin Martin nominated this one. Modeled after Google Lit Trips on Google Earth, this site offers an easy way to create a point-to-point travel tour. One great feature is the fact that you can use Discovery photos and images in the tour.

Here is an example of a Google Tour Robin built that shows where the DEN Summer Institute has been over the years.


Stay tuned to the DEN Blogs as we continue to share the entries for this year’s DEN March Madness.  If you have a favorite tool to use with Discovery Education content, let us know.  What are some of the tools you use with Discovery Education content?  What do you use to create, share, teach, curate, mashup, and learn with?

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