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In my quest to learn more about Minecraft and use it with students in a school environment, I have found some really powerful resources.  I’ve spent time watching youtube videos of beautiful examples, read blog posts about how to use Minecraft to teach, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the most powerful resource I have are my students.

I am a lurker.  I can get the kids into the server and explain the basic movements on the keyboard and then I step back and watch, listen, and encourage.  I don’t have the answers.  I can transport students out of holes they dig which makes me realize I’m not the only one who gets trapped.  As I have watched and listened, I have learned so much.

On Friday after weeks of watching I finally felt comfortable enough to sit down with my least intimidating group, my kindergartners.  Okay, I’ll admit there were only three of them and I had to enter the game to transport one of them out of a hole… but for the first time I decided that it wasn’t enough to watch.  I wanted to play too.

So I found a location near a river and started to build my house out of glass and yellow block only to have one of my friends dig himself into another hole.  So my only option was to transport him to my location which I knew would entail having a digger right next to my newly designed house.  So the minute I transferred him, he started to dig right at the entrance of my home.  Through much laughter I ran away from my house and transferred him to a safer location for my house.  I think I might feel an addiction coming on.  Good thing spring break is coming in a week.

Here are links to the many resources that I have found – Minecraft Resources.

The following video has been the most inspiring for me as I can see the level that Minecraft can be taken too. 


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