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Tracking Text
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Transitional words and phrases clarify meaning in a text. Appropriate transitions create cohesion and clarify relationships among ideas and concepts. Communicate a sequence of events or a shift in time or setting with a variety of transitional words (Fountas & Pinnell, 2010). Math algorithms are a great choice for order of events. Integrate a song and lyrics about an algorithm, and you have a cross-curricular, multi-modal writing experience.


  • Lodge McCammon has a number of content related songs and lyrics. The Value explores PEMDAS.
  • The Teacher Guide contains song lyrics, student worksheets, and a teacher answer key.
  • Page 7 and 8 of the Teacher Guide is the answers key to worksheet questions.
  • With 1:1 access, provide digital access to the song and answer key.
  • Students use these resources to write an explanation of PEMDAS, using a variety of transitional words.
  • With whole group instruction, provide resources by playing the song out loud looped, and print and hand out answer key to students.
  • For scaffolding, provide access to a variety of appropriate transitional words.
  • After listening to the song and reading student writing, students in the class should be able to perform the highlighted sequence of events.


  • Select a song ?le expressing a sequence of steps. Lodge McCammon has a number of math and science songs in the Discovery library – all include lyrics.
  • The Teacher and the Rockbots songs in the Discovery library do not include lyrics, but they can be access without charge on this site.
  • Scaffold instructional support by providing a variety of appropriate transitional words for student to choose from.
  • Have students play the song and read aloud their writing to see if the class can perform the highlighted sequence of events

You can take the challenge by:

  • Implementing this strategy and letting us know how it went by posting a comment below.
  • Using this strategies in your grade level planning discussions and/or professional development and reporting your events. (Remember we consider an event anytime 3 or more educators gather together… doesn’t have to be in a computer lab… could be sitting around the lunch table)
  • Photocopying the flier and distributing it in your colleague’s boxes and/or posting it to your own BulleDEN board.

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