Microsoft Excel For Educators: Segment 4

Welcome all to a new week of Excel for Educators where I’ve tried to take some of the things that I do in my work with the Analytics, Research and Evaluation team here at Discovery Education and frame them in the perspective of the classroom teacher, and then divide them into 15-20 minute segments. This is the fourth post of the series, and this instructional video runs just 9 minutes. It will be beneficial as you view the videos to also have the companion worksheet open so that you can try things in a hands-on environment as you see them (

In this video we will explore Excel the averageifs tool as well as investigate a great shortcut to quickly convert numbers to percentages in your gradebook.


Segment 1 can be accessed at:

Segment 2 can be accessed at:

Segment 3 can be accessed at:

Please be on the lookout for Segments 5 and 6 of this series where we will explore more….

Please do leave comments, suggestions, questions as you see fit. Please enjoy.


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