Minecraft at MACUL14


Diving into Minecraft, specifically MinecraftEdu. Why have I NOT gotten into this yet? One goal was to try to catch up with my sons and I feel that I can just about keep up with them. This will be on my to-do list for what to being back to my school and district.

Being shown examples of how they had a Minecraft Camp with students last year. They had to team work builds of bridges, locks/canals, etc. Wow!

Another example shows a student who built huge cells with all their parts. It’s so big that the minecraft person walks through it. Each part have labels for exploring and learning. Very cool!



  1. Karie Huttner said:

    We need to connect. I too am learning about how to use Minecraft EDU and we having been working on a blog for the DEN called iMake iLearn which talks about educational gaming and makerspaces.

    • Eric Strommer said:

      After using the Pocket Edition for a couple of hours I have a better understanding of it and have a few ideas about how to use it in my school.
      I like the idea of an after-school club which would be more open ended than when I would use it with my class.
      Let me know if you want any posts for your blog from the perspective of a newbie.

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