On this day… Gandhi’s Salt March began!

On this day in 1930, Mohandas Gandhi’s Salt March began. Indians participated in the Salt March to challenge the British taxation and monopoly on salt. A critical part of the Indian independence movement, Gandhi rallied thousands of his peers to walk 240 miles to the coastal village of Dandi. The demonstrators collected salt from the beach’s shores while refusing to pay the British Salt Act’s steep taxes.

This demonstration was among Gandhi’s signature nonviolent acts of civil disobedience. The Salt March and ensuing police brutality of nonviolent protesters garnered worldwide attention. Gandhi and 60,000 others were arrested during the march. Many years later in 1947, India finally secured its independence from Britain.


Show your students actual footage from the Salt March in Salt Marches and Prayer Meetings [1:57]. This segment is included in the video biography, Men of Our Time: Gandhi [38:03]. 


Crunched for time? Mohandas Gandhi [6:09] is another biographical segment that provides insight into the life of Gandhi in only six minutes!


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