A District That Gets It

One of my great privileges is visiting a variety of school districts and observing the culture and efforts made in understanding and transforming teaching and learning through digital. In my experience there are few districts that are making cultural shifts simply because not all parts of the district are of the same mindset. In many cases, senior administration has a vision but has difficulty translating that to the teachers. In other cases, the DEN highlights individual teachers doing great work but do so without the support and encouragement of district leadership. Other times, the challenges districts have are in supporting principals and school based administrators in leading the change. It’s not easy work.

Discovery is blessed to work with some of the most innovative, thoughtful districts in Canada and the United States. One such district is Ottawa Catholic School Board. I’ve had the privilege to work at many levels in this organization and am impressed with the clarity and innovation that exists. Recently I hosted an evening event with several key leaders and teachers.

These are some of the most innovative, passionate people around.  If you’re looking for smart people to pay attention to, just add these folks and you can thank me later:

Karen McEvoy
Paul McGuire
Julie Joanisse
Rola Tibshirani
Nathalie Roy
Bill Corcoran
Marcie Martel
Yolanta Krawiecki
Tom D’Amico

You can also check out their district hashtag #ocsb to witness district wide sharing and collaboration.