iMovie – DEN March Madness – Entry #11

This is the eleventh of sixteen entries in the 2014 DEN March Madness Challenge. Explore these posts each day so you stay up to date of each entry in this year’s challenge. Read why this entry was nominated and how it can be used in the classroom. In addition, you’ll probably see an example of the tool in action.

ENTRY #11 – iMovie

iMovieiMovie is our eleventh entry in DEN March Madness. Jan Abernethy and Kim Adair, STAR Discovery Educators from Pennsylvania, both nominated iMovie. iMovie is Apple’s video editing software. Jan says you can use editable video segments, including those from Discovery Education, and add greenscreen videos to create easy mashables using the iMovie iPad app or the program on the computer. Both Kim and Jan specifically mentioned the possibilities with greenscreen. Kim said she loves using Discovery Education Streaming videos when she does green screening with her students!  The videos are easy to use and there is such a great variety to choose from.  Her students can report from anywhere in the world!  Editing is simple and in minutes, students will have a great video that they can add to their digital portfolio!

Take a look at this wiki Kim created that has instructions and great student examples of iMovie and greenscreen in action. Here’s a video example Jan created that includes a nice voiceover.


Stay tuned to the DEN Blogs as we continue to share the entries for this year’s DEN March Madness. If you have a favorite tool to use with Discovery Education content, let us know. What are some of the tools you use with Discovery Education content? What do you use to create, share, teach, curate, mashup, and learn with?

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