ThingLink – DEN March Madness – Entry #12

This is the twelfth of sixteen entries in the 2014 DEN March Madness Challenge. Explore these posts each day so you stay up to date of each entry in this year’s challenge. Read why this entry was nominated and how it can be used in the classroom. In addition, you’ll probably see an example of the tool in action.

thinglink_logo1-2ci0gdfENTRY #12 – ThingLink

ThingLink is our twelfth entry in DEN March Madness. Several STAR Discovery Educators, including Tim Childers, Kati Searcy, Valerie Burton, and Sara Eastman, all nominated ThingLink. Sara and Valerie both note that ThingLink allows users to take a single image and turn it into an interactive experience. Making the images interactive can be very engaging for students.

Kati shared an excellent classroom use for ThingLink – Use any image from Discovery Education and create interactive images.  For example, you can download a photo of Martin Luther King.  Using Thinglink, you simply click on a place on the picture and link it to other media.  For example, you could use DE to find the text, the audio recording, and the video of his “I Have a Dream Speech.”  All of those can be links on the photo.  You can share your interactive images by weblink or embed code.

Tim also loves being able to take one large image from Discovery Streaming and use it as a starting place for kids to find other images, websites, videos, and articles by linking to specific parts of the original image.  You can provide an entire lesson in one image.  With the addition of a link for a quiz, the entire project can be viewed by students at their own pace, at home, and provide assessment results to the teacher.

Here’s an example that Valerie submitted. Here’s an example from Tim and another from Kati.


Stay tuned to the DEN Blogs as we continue to share the entries for this year’s DEN March Madness. If you have a favorite tool to use with Discovery Education content, let us know. What are some of the tools you use with Discovery Education content? What do you use to create, share, teach, curate, mashup, and learn with?

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