FlipQuiz: An Interactive Quiz Builder

Are you looking for an easy to use “Jeopardy Style” quiz  builder tool?

Are you tired of using PowerPoint and other tools to make review quizzes?

Check out FlipQuiz at www.flipquiz.me. Its an easy to use tool for creating jeopardy style quizzes to use in your classroom.  Its free and simple to use.

First create an account and select new board at the top of the screen. Next, create your title which will also be your board name.  There are six categories you can use in your board and they are listed across the screen as tabs. Each category can have up to five questions and answers, both of which can include links to other online content. Formatting tools are available as well. When you are done you can tag your board with a category to make it easy for others to find. A suggested use for this tagging feature would be to tag your board with your class name that way its easy for your students to find.  This would give them a tool to practice outside your classroom.

The presentation mode presents your board as a jeopardy style game.  Unfortunately there is no sound effects, but thats not a big deal.

In my classroom I use my iPad as a controller for the game.  By using Spashtop Streamer (http://www.splashtop.com/downloads) I am able to stream to my iPad the quiz from my laptop which is connected to our projector.  The students like this as they get to choose the question and I like it because I am not tied to my desk while running the quiz.

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  1. Kim Caise said:

    Chris, can you explain more how you have things set up to stream to your iPad? I am trying to figure out how to get my iPad to show on my desktop for a webinar.

  2. Marcus said:

    Absolutely love the idea of using the Splashtop Streamer to mirror to the iPad! We’ll be looking at some ways to do this natively in the future, but what a great idea for doing it today!

    Marcus Burnette, FlipQuiz

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