On this day… Time Zones!

On this day in 1918, standard time zones and daylight savings were established and signed into law. Prior to this legislation, time zones in the United States were dictated by American railroad companies. This would cause confusion when two different railroad companies shared a common station and reported different times. Many railroad companies determined their time zone standard based on where they were headquartered.

President Woodrow Wilson signed the Standard Time Act into law, which granted the Interstate Commerce Commission the authority to determine the boundaries of time zones. Thanks to the Standard Time Act, locations within the United States have been assigned an incremental, hour-by-hour time zone. Discovery Education’s Customer and Technical Support team is located in Silver Spring, MD, which observes Eastern Standard Time. Regardless of your time zone, it’s never too early or too late to call, email, or LiveChat with us! If we happen to miss you, we will make our best effort to respond in a timely manner!

To learn more about time zones, check out Human Factors: Time Zones, Government, and Population [02:06]


Take your exploration of time zones a step further with the full video Understanding: Time [26:00], which addresses time zones in its A Brief History of Time segment [4:58].



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