Fun Fact Friday: Van Gogh

475px-VanGogh_1887_SelbstbildnisDid you know that Vincent Van Gogh actually had an older brother who was also named Vincent Van Gogh? It’s true!

Here are some other interesting facts about Van Gogh:

  • Van Gogh was a self taught artist, with very little training.
  • He painted about 900 paintings over the course of 10 years.
  • Van Gogh is known for cutting off his own ear, but in actuality, he only actually cut off a small part of it.
  • He only sold one painting in his lifetime, and it only became famous after he was gone.
  • After his death, his sister in law collected all of his paintings and letters, and made it her mission to make sure the world recognized his talent.
  • Van Gogh was good friends with Paul Gauguin, who went on to become a famous artist as well.
  • He wrote over 800 letters, most of them to his brother Theo, who financially supported Van Gogh.

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