NC DENRENHear Ye Hear Ye all lads and ladies of the shire and beyond. You have missed the celebration of the NC DEN Ren14. Where were you? This was the most whimsical, thematic Discovery Day ever.

The fun festivities began with the game show “Family Feudalism” which set the tone for the day of learning. This game revealed what the participants knew or didn’t know about medieval culture and people. Ye might try this when introducing a new unit to your classroom.

Thanks to the North Carolina DEN Leadership Council (LC) for a fun day of learning about science potions with Lass Patti Duncan, puppetry and green screen ideas with Lady Conni Mulligan, music with Lady Dacia Jones, Sir Mark Caise led an exploration of geocacing throughout the shire. Queen Judy Urig welcomed the attendees as the event host and presented a luxurious lunch feast of chicken ‘n ribs along with freshly grown greens and cheeses. The goblets were filled with the daily grog followed by a delicious black death of chocolate.

Additional sessions were fortune telling with augmented reality star Lady Karen Ogren, catapulting marshmallows at Jester Steve Dembo, Gamification ideas, portraits with “Artist in Residence” Allison Schleede, and cardboard construction with Peter Panico. Lady Kelly Hines lead the group at the “maker” faire of castle building and more.

All of the lessons and ideas along with photos of the day will be posted on their page:  This will become an annal event, so put March 2015 on your horizon for a visit to their castle!


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  1. Mark said:

    I had a BLAST being on staff. Can’t wait till next year.

    Judy Uhrig did a GREAT job planning this event.

  2. DiAnne said:

    Wish I could have gone but I was attending my daughter’s bridal shower. I know, not a good excuse 🙂

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