Event of the Week: STARring Fran Mauney


Every month, hundreds of STAR events are reported in.  As a team, we love reviewing the amazing things we see our community doing and sharing them throughout the company.  However, we recently realized that we don’t often take the time to share these individual STAR events out with all of you.  Therefore, I’m thrilled to announce the start of a new blog series, Event of the Week!  Every Wednesday, we’ll hand select one event that has been submitted by a STAR and post it to the blogs.This week, our event of the week comes from Fran Mauney, a STAR from Greenville, South Carolina.  Fran works in the Instructional Technology Department and was doing a training with her staff on Science Techbook.  What stood out about her “Explain Everything with Discovery Education Techbook” event was the way she got students involved in the process!

dsc_1177 (2)Teachers and students learned how to integrate Science Techbook with the apps Explain Everything and Book Creator. After training teachers during grade level planning how to download and navigate the Science Techbook app, I modeled in their classrooms how to capture images from Science Techbook and create interactive stories. We used a QR code to download the Science Techbook app onto all the students’ iPads. They loved the animations, videos, images, and articles found in the Techbook app. Students recorded their voices as they explained the scientific concepts, added text, and drew pictures to illustrate their thinking with Explain Everything and Book Creator apps. Quote of the day: “Science Techbook actually makes science fun!”

How fantastic is that?  Love seeing people sharing not only their love of Discovery Education, but really demonstrating how it can be used to transform learning in the classroom.  Fran also shared the event on the Putting Students First blog, including some fantastic quotes from the students.  “Would it be OK if I took my username card home so I can work on this at home?”  You have to love that kind of enthusiasm.  She also included a link to the Padlet wall that she used with her teachers during the event and a video showing her introducing the Techbook to 3rd grade students. Way to be a leader Fran!

become a starWant to have your event featured?  Keep logging your events.  It’s as easy as STAR!

  • S – Share something you’ve learned about using Discovery Education resources with your colleagues
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  • R – Report what you’ve done

Next week we’ll be featuring another event from a STAR Discovery Educator.  Perhaps yours….?


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