Fun Fact Friday: Ludwig van Beethoven

BeethovenDid you know that Beethoven often dipped his head in cold water prior to composing? It’s true!

Here are some other fun facts about Ludwig van Beethoven:

  • Beethoven’s first symphony was so bizarre sounding, it was initially believed to be intended as a musical joke.
  • His Symphony No. 9 was the first known symphony to incorporate singers with an orchestra.
  • It is suspected that his father lied about his age, claiming Beethoven to be 2 years younger than his actual age, in order to make him appear even more impressive as a child prodigy.
  • Beethoven only ever composed one opera, and was such a perfectionist that it took him ten years.
  • In his youth, Beethoven liked to improvise on the violin rather than play from sheet music.
  • Moonlight Sonata was referred to by Beethoven only as Piano Sonata No. 14. It was only after his death that it came to be known as the Moonlight Sonata.

Want to learn more about Ludwig? Check out Famous Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven: 1770-1827 on Discovery Education Streaming!


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