Denapalooza DC

The first Denapalooza of the year was held this weekend in Washington DC. The day was filled with all types of activities. There were opportunities to learn about coding, 50 Ways to Use DE in your classroom, the Board Builder, creating a GoogleTour, Project Based Learning, OneNote, 20 ideas to get you to June, Digital Storytelling, and more.

People had a chance to see and critique the new Math Techbook with the authors. This was a fantastic way for DE to get feedback from teachers before the product goes live. If you have not seen any of the Techbooks, go over to the page and take a look. If you are an iPad user and have an account, you can view it there as well.

The afternoon was run as an unconference and 12 sessions were offered by attendees. Chad Lehman was the master of ceremonies today and closed the event with some prizes. He promised that all the links and presentations from the instructors would be available on the DENapalooza page. There are 12 DENapalooza events this year and if you are within driving distance of any of them, try to get there, you will not regret the day of learning!denapalooza14


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