Join the DEN Leadership Council

Enrollment is now open for the 2014-2015 DEN Leadership Council (DENLC). DENLC members are the most active members of the DEN.

  • They mentor new STARs and each other.
  • DENLC members host local events supported by Discovery Education.
  • They support social media efforts and contribute regularly to the DEN blogs.
Being a part of the DEN Leadership Council is a commitment, but it also comes with many rewards. DEN LC Members commit to attend monthly team meetings, the LC Insider, and to remain active.

By remaining actively engaged, members of the DEN LC receive a number of benefits:
+ Active voice in shaping the DEN
+ Increased networking opportunities
+ Access to expanded features in Discovery Education
+ Formal recognition (e.g., press releases, features on the DEN website, etc.)
+ Priority for exclusive events (e.g. Summer Institute, Discovery Channel events, etc.)

All STAR Discovery Educators are invited to apply to be a part of the DEN LC each spring. DEN LC members choose a team with whom to work. Here’s a little information about each team and what they do.

Blog/Social Media Team- Plans efforts to connect STARs through social media. Frequently contributes to the DENblogs about local and global events/interests.

Events Team- Plans local and regional events supported by Discovery Education. All members of this team are expected to support or host at least one LC event. The Spring and Fall VirtCons are perfect launching points.

DEN Ambassador Team- Provides support to districts that are just beginning to launch the DEN Community. Members are paired with one of Discovery Education’s partner districts to provide additional support and answer questions.

Innovation & Strategy Team- Provides feedback/ideas for product improvement, community enhancement.

DEN Connects Team- Creates projects and supports opportunities for educators to connect their classes with other classes involved in the project.

DEN LC Content & Curriculum Team- Provides feedback on existing content and curriculum about our free partnership programs as well as guides the resources being built to support these programs.

If you are interested in taking an active role in shaping your DEN Community, join the DEN Leadership Council. Enrollment is currently open.

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  1. Neene said:

    No more Discovery Partnership Ambassador Team? Plan to join the LC again of course. But if that category is gone, I’ll need to think a bit to figure out where best to hang my DEN hat.

    • Kyle Schutt said:

      Hey Neene – we’re morphing that team into the “content & curriculum” team. We’ll still hear all about the free resources from our partnerships, but we’ll be able to broaden our focus and hopefully encourage more folks to join the team!

  2. Mary T McCullagh said:

    Always a joy to share commitment to advancing educators’ skills and commitment!

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