Event of the Week: STARring Trina Jackson!

trina2We dug a bit into the archives this week, as we highlight an event hosted on February 24th at Fairhope Intermediate School in Baldwin County, Alabama.  Trina Jackson hosted an inservice on Discovery Education’s Board Builder, and got everyone involved!  Teachers, students and administrators all collaborated together to explore how this tool could spark creativity in the classroom and leverage the great media within Discovery Education.


trina1I shared with the principals and 20+ colleagues some engaging ideas and examples on how to come up with activities in all subject areas that would be great for students to use Discovery Ed’s Board Builder. To provide teachers with more hands-on activities, I had some of our students demonstrate it and work with the teachers. Searching Discovery Ed and other websites was demonstrated, as well as uploading pictures, videos, text, and making background changes.

trina3The teachers really enjoyed the hands-on experience from the students and learned a lot. After attending the in-service, many began implementing Board Builder in their classroom. My principal, Mrs. Carol Broughton enjoyed the collaboration between the students and teachers. She shared this in-service with the Baldwin County Superintendent – Dr. Alan Lee, Central Office, School Board, and my DEN Star Instructor – Mrs. Melanie McDuffie. Mrs. Broughton wanted everyone to know that great things are happening at Fairhope Intermediate School, and we are moving into the 21st Century of Learning! This was a great student/teacher exchange!

We can’t help but love the enthusiasm shared by Trina.  Her excitement certainly is infectious!   It just goes to show, if you get students, teachers and administrators all in the same room and working towards a common goal, great things are sure to come of it.  Well done Trina, thanks for being a leader at Fairhope and in the DEN community!

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  1. Joan Sauls said:

    Thanks Trina for sharing! I love that you had your student there to teach the teachers! Great professional development!

  2. Carol Broughton said:

    Trina, your passion for learning is contagious! I love the way you empower your students with the tools to explore their sense of wonder and support them with the courage to try! Students in this case…..were Teachers and the Children led the way! Terrific professional development – such a clever way to introduce a new strategy!

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