Farewell DEN STARs

Not all educators are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to create engaging events (e.g. DENaissance Faire) or attend conferences to enhance their teaching skills (e.g. DEN VirtCon); However, as the spring social media marketing intern for Discovery Education, I learned that DEN STARs are unique educators who are willing and passionate about transforming education.

At the start of this internship, I established #MakeADifferenceMonday in order to highlight the many ways that DEN STARs are making a difference in their schools and communities. I was anxious to write every #MakeADifferenceMonday post in hopes that I would share the DEN STAR’s experience and inspire other educators to create new projects, or etc. During the extent of #MakeADifferenceMonday, there were many inspiring submissions – Janice Abernethy’s Stop Cyberbullying, Eileen Malick’s Authenticity in the Classroom, Tara Michener’s Encouraging Self-Love, Barbara Orr’s Improving the Environment, Chelsea Murray’s Menu Project, Dr. Lodge McCammon’s Implementation of Music in the Classroom, and Proper Charter School’s Student Business Plan Competition. I want to thank all of the DEN STARs who submitted their stories and to also encourage everyone to keep making a difference in your communities and in the lives of your students.

Interning at Discovery Education has allowed me to interact with teachers who truly desire success for their students.  Whether it was hosting #DENTrivia via Twitter or simply reading your positive feedback about DEN resources, you all made my internship an enjoyable, educational experience. My internship at Discovery Education has come to an end and I will be finishing my MBA program at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the spring of 2015. I will be forever grateful for this experience!

Best Wishes,

Ariana M. Taylor



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