The PBS NewsHour: Autism

Discovery Education has a total of 70 videos ‘The PBS NewsHour’. The topics include politics, arts, nation, world, economy, science, health and education topics.  PBS NewsHour is an American evening television news program that is broadcast weeknights on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and is available online and as a podcast.  

The United States recognizes April as a special opportunity to educate the public about autism and issues within the autism community. Check out the four PBS NewsHour videos about autism within Discovery Education. Each of these videos are 12-15 minutes in length. For more information, click on the autism society website.

The PBS NewsHour: Autism Now: For Adults With Autism, Few Support Options Past 21: Investigates the lives of adolescents and adults with autism. The presentation reveals the spectrum of development and the benefits of continuing quality education into adulthood for people with autism.

The PBS NewsHour: Autism Now: Robert Mac Neil Shares Grandson Nick’s Story: Profiles six-year-old Nick, grandson of Robert MacNeil, who has been diagnosed with autism. Nick’s mother, grandfather, and doctors discuss his condition and the effects of autism on his life.

The PBS NewsHour: Autism Now: Exploring the ‘Phenomenal’ Increase in U.S. Population:Explores the rapid increase in children diagnosed with autism. The program takes a further look into the different symptoms of autism and the common threads between each child.

The PBS NewsHour: Autism Now: How Close Are We to Solving the Puzzle: Explores the future of autism in America. The program discusses the rising prevalence of autism as a national health emergency.


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