Chad’s Choices from the Community

chadschoices2Time for another edition of Chad’s Dean’s Choices for the Community! Apparently Chad feels like he needs to take a vacation once in a while. So he asked me to man the fort this week.

So this week, I’ve spent countless hours scouring the blogs and Twitterverse and aggregated together some of the most interesting nuggets.  From articles to infographics, class sites and folks to follow, this is just one glimpse into the wide world of DEN.  Hungry for more?  Dont’ forget to scroll back through previous weeks!


Articles from the Community

Favorite Tweet from the Community 

Blogs/Wikis/Class sites from the Community

  • Mrs. Shareski’s Grade 2/3 blog  highlights the classroom experiences of Paula Shareski’s students. (Yes, I’m bias but she really does a great job sharing student learning)
  • William Chamberlain has been blogging with students for years. His class blog is full of great updates featuring many interesting technology resources.

People from the Community to Follow

Person of Interest

This week’s DEN Person of Interest is Darren Kuropatwa. Darren  has been doing interesting and powerful work as both a classroom teacher, presenter and in his current role as a learning consultant with Winnipeg St. James-Assiniboia district. Darren mastered the idea of a classroom scribe as part of his calculus courses. Darren has also mastered a wonderful video blogging format he calls “While Walking“. These are short,thoughtful prompts and reflections done on his walk home from work.

Lately Darren has created a useful Flipboard magazine around pedagogy.  He continues to blog at A Difference.

Why not track and follow these people on twitter and better yet, leave them a comment telling thanking them for their contributions.

Interested in being featured in this blog series? Do you have something to share for the good of the DEN? If so, fill out this form.



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