Event of the Week featuring Rita Mortenson and the Wisconsin DEN!

DSC_0062This week, our featured Event of the Week comes from the good folks in the state of Wisconsin.  Rita Mortenson organized a Saturday field trip to the Apple Store, to explore the latest in the Mac world as well as how to maximize their use of Discovery Education.

Here’s the report from Rita:

On Saturday, March 29 nearly 20 educators from Wisconsin had a chance to participate in a Discovery Event at the Apple Store! This was one of our first DEN events of the spring, and it turned out to be a fun morning.

The event started at 8:00 a.m. with a light breakfast and great conversation. Next, participants had an opportunity to learn about some of the 200+ new features that Mac OS X Mavericks has to offer. Some of the most popular features that might be really useful in our educational environments were covered. We quickly learned why these features make Mavericks the most advanced Mac operating system yet.

DSC_0080Next, some great iOS 7 tips for the iPhone and iPad were shared. With new tagging features, maps, texting, iCloud enhancements and more, everyone could quickly find features and tools that would be very useful to use.

Next, we had an opportunity to showcase the Discovery Tech book app. We are currently using the two of the Science Techbooks in our school in Verona, Wisconsin and we shared our experiences to date. Did you know that if you are a DEN Star member then you have access to the Science Techbook for FREE right now? What a great opportunity to see how these resources can transform our classroom. With the rich Discovery content and the mobility of devices, learning can occur anywhere and at anytime.

By 10:00 a.m. the store was getting really busy and we were beginning to wrap things up. Time for a few quick photos in front of the genius bar.


What I love most about this event are the quotes from some of the attendees:

“Everytime there is a DEN event I learn so much. I am in awe at all the innovative things my fellow colleagues are doing with their students. ”

“DEN events allow me to grow as a professional and to be able to better assist my students in their learning. It was a great way to collaborate with my colleagues and build upon my learning.”

What a fantastic opportunity and what a wonderful way to for educators to come together and learn… even on a Saturday!  Way to go Rita, and thanks for sharing the event with us!

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