iPad Grants for Special Needs

The autism community has been especially vocal about the benefits of the iPad and because of this there are many grants aimed specifically at getting iPads for children with autism. If you know a child that has been diagnosed with autism, language disorders or developmental delays, you may want to share this information with their family and/or teachers about these grants for iPads.

Small Steps in Speech: The mission of Small Steps in Speech is to help children with speech and/or language disorders take the steps needed to be better communicators. They offer grants to purchase communication devices (including iPads).

iHelp for Special Needs: This program provides iPads and iPad apps to families with children with special needs.

Different Needz Foundation: This organization raises money throughout the year to fund their grant program. Their grants go to families with children with special needs. You can tell them specifically what you want (such as an iPad) and how much it will cost.

Autism Care & Treatment: ACT awards quarterly grants between $100 and $5,000 to families with children with autism.

Babies with iPads: Babies with iPads will be granting an iPad  to deserving children as often as funds allow. For children with medical or developmental issues between the ages of 6 months and 8 years.

iTaalk: “Giving children with autism a voice… one iPad at a time!”

Let’s Chat Autism: This organization sponsors an “iPad’s for Autism” grant.



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  2. Lucy Witkop said:

    This would be such a tremendous tool for students to be able to access and do work, research, assignments, writing essays, and vocabulary on.

  3. Sharol Ketterman said:

    I am a mom and grandmother of three autistic boys. My son john, wasn’t diagnosed with autism until he was in college (19). My grand son Elijah and my other grandson henry, are ages 5 and 2. Each has autism and struggle daily.m we have a lot of problems with speech and anger issues. Henry is more nonverbal and struggles to tell me what he needs, he grunts and points but if I don’t understand he cries. Meltdowns at my house are a regular thing. I showed each boy an ipad with autism apps and they went nuts. If I had money to buy each of them one I would. Is there anyway or anyplace I can go to find an ipad for each of them at a reduced price. I am at wits end. Thanks Sharol ketterman

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