Event of the Week featuring Nelly Gerew and the TLC crew

tlcGreetings and welcome to another edition of the DEN Event of the Week!  This week, we turn our eyes to Briarcliff Elementary School in the Wake County Public School System.  Nelly Gerew reported in that she and three of her colleagues are members of the TLC team (Teacher Leadership Core).  Their responsibilty is to ramp up the excitment and teach the staff how to make the most of their Discovery Education resources.  What I love about this event is that not only do they do a fantastic job of sharing the Discovery love, but they found such a creative way to energize the group and get them into the spirit of things.  It’s not unusual for DEN members to get in costume (Ref: Fall VirtCon), but to do so for a staff training day?  That demonstrates the kind of ingenuity and dedication we love seeing amongst our STARs!

Here’s a description of the event from Nelly:

This year the Teacher Leadership Core was formed by the Wake County Public School System to train school staff members how to utilize Discovery Education in the classroom. Our peers know us as the TLC team and, in order to hype up our staff and get them excited about the wonderful tools DE has to offer, we decided to dress up as the R&B group TLC. Our new team consisted of T-Boz, Left Eye, Chilli, and our group manager Da Boss. Dressed up in scrubs, we had a video and music playing to introduce our team.

img_1031Our introduction of DE consisted of showing staff members the basics of DE. We discussed that DE can be used for many purposes and that our students deserve “no scrubs” when it comes to education. Eighty staff members left our early release workshop session laughing and excited to use DE. Staff members appreciated the fun and creative spin that we put into the workshop and we saw a 40% increase in teachers using DE.

Gotta love the theme.  But even more than that, gotta love the results!  A 40% increase in usage is admirable to say the least.  Our appreciation and admiration goes out to Nelly and the rest of the TLC crew!!  Now if we could only find a copy of that music video…

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