Sounds of Nature IN Your Classroom

Have you ever used sound effects in your classroom? There are so many different sites you can use to locate specific sounds to enhance a lesson. Below are two fantastic examples. One from and the other is of course from the DiscoveryEducation media library.
Use these sounds:
-when students enter your room to get their attention
-as the background for student quiet time for reading
-as a writing prompt
-to have students identify what is happening in the sound recording
-to have students identify where it is happening
-during basic when you want students to be quiet and relaxed instead of noisy
-give them the assignment to find other nature sounds you could use
-at club time
-students can draw or create something that goes with the sounds
-in a presentation as your background music
-in a podcast and have students narrate what is happening
-in a video to  accompany images of the nature sound
-when students are reading or working on a project
-to create some “relaxation” time in your classroom
SAMPLE: I found that clicking on the “More info” link plays better than the LISTEN button.
Nature sounds
Don’t forget that Discovery has over 3000 sounds in their library as well. Here is a sample of a loon:

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  1. LAUDAN KIRK said:

    What a great resource. Can’t wait for my students to listen to these sounds from around the world.

  2. Mohit said:

    I am happy to see this. I have tried making something like this from the last time.

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  4. tweetnfollow said:

    sound effects are essential for every training and class room. we can also get the opinion of students from social media!

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