30 Minutes of Discovery: May 16


On May 16th, encourage your students to spend 30 Minutes exploring their own interests and discovering new ones in their Discovery Education student accounts. Frogs – yep! Music – yep! The history of airplanes – yep! The sky’s the limit: just explore and enjoy. When they’re done spending 30 Minutes, please tell us what they did! You and your students can also download and print a participation certificate. It’s 30 Minutes just for them. Help them spend it well and enjoy the learning!


In case your students are interested in a million things and the idea of “anything” has them frozen in their tracks, here are some suggestions for ways to spend 30 Minutes of Discovery.

Build a Board!
Use the Board Builder tool in your student account to create a digital poster. (Psst: How about building a Board to thank your teacher for being awesome? Tell and show your teacher why he or she is so great. Hint: you can upload your own images and video in Board Builder.)

Use the Interactive Atlas to travel!
Wish you could travel anywhere in the world? You can – kind of. Use the Discovery Atlas Interactive Map to explore all the corners of the globe. (CDN version)

Make a Mystery Sound Effects quiz!
Do you know what this sound is? Collect multiple sound effects from your Discovery Education account, then make a quiz (you could use Board Builder) and see if your friends and family can identify the sounds. (CND version)

Attend a Virtual Field Trip!
Take a virtual field trip to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and learn all about amphibians. Or pick a different virtual field trip from our event archives.

Listen to Teacher and the Rockbots songs!
From the food chain to simple machines, Teacher and the Rockbots rock out about lots of topics and their songs are in your Discovery Education account. Listen to a bunch of songs and then try writing your own song in the style of this legendary band.

Play the Fishy Fractions game!
Help the pelican catch some fish by playing Fishy Fractions and scoring points. You can practice at any level and watch your fractions add up to great learning. (CDN version)

Learn about a Cool Web Tool!
Find out about a free, cool web tool through short tutorials. Just visit this Making Stuff with Discovery Education Board to learn about WeVideo, iPiccy, Blabberize, and Quicktime! (CDN version)

Watch a Mythbusters episode!
There are 50 full videos and over 100 video segments of these guys in your student account. Watch anytime from your student account. Start with the Walking on Water episode or search “Mythbusters” and pick your favorite. (CDN version)

Research a Career!
Search “careers” to see video and hear from people in a variety of different jobs. Start with STEM Careers for Students, if you’re interested in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. (CDN version)

Enter a Challenge!
Visit the Get Involved tab on the landing page of your student account to see current challenges like the Science of Everyday Life (build a virtual wind turbine) and the HeadsUp! Challenge (test your driving skills.)

Listen to an Eyewitness Account!
Imagine what it was like to be there in history, by listening to eyewitness accounts and radio broadcasts like this one, from the Hindenburg Crash of 1937. (CDN version explores Orson Welles “War of the Worlds”)



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