Fun Fact Friday: Stonehenge

Did you know that Stonehenge, the ring of standing stones in Wiltshire, England, was built over 1,000 years ago? It’s true! Here are some other fun facts about Stonehenge:

  • Some of the individual stones weigh over 25 tons.
  • Certain stones used in the construction were volcanic rock, which means they had to have come from over 200 miles away!
  • Stonehenge is only one of over 900 stone circles in Britain.
  • Historians aren’t sure why it was built or what purpose it served.
  • Some believe it was an observatory, as it was built so that it aligns with the midwinter sunset and the midsummer sunset.
  • As such, it took knowledge of complex geometry and mathematics in order to align it.
  • Stonehenge is at least 300 years older than the pyramids.
  • Of all the stones, only one has carvings on it (daggers and axes).
  • No one knows how it was constructed, or how the stones were lifted or carried.
  • Stonehenge is technically owned by the British Crown.

Want to learn more about Stonehenge? Check out the World of Stonehenge series on Discovery Education Streaming!


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  1. jmiller said:

    It can’t be both 1000 years old and older than the pyramids.

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