DENapalooza comes to Edmonton

Around 30 educators from the Edmonton area gathered on Saturday for a fantastic day of learning at DENapalooza. We love the mix of Discovery led sessions by our team and our STARS and opportunities for newcomers to share and present the great things they’re doing in the classroom too. It’s also so great to have teachers come who have been involved with using technology for a while and others who are brand new. The mix and conversations are always exhilarating. Saturday was no exception.

Diane Lefebrve and Terra-Lee Gratton did a great job of organizing the day as well as presenting and Trisha Roffey and Cathy Dohn sharing great stuff on raspberry pi and connected classrooms. If you haven’t attended a DENapalooza event, be sure to try and get out to one. Here are the resources (or reeeeesources if you’re from the US) from the day and a few reflections below.


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