Another TAW Gift Pack from TechSmith? Yep, You Could Be a Winner

dentawheaderTeacher Appreciation Week (TAW) is a special week for everyone and today is Teacher Appreciation Day, the day that should really exist all year. Our friends at TechSmith have provided us with a few more prize packs to give away on this special day. The responses we got yesterday from our question was fantastic and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to share in response to today’s question. We will be selecting up to four (4) winners per day who respond to each day’s question. Each winner will receive the following prize pack, courtesy of TechSmith.

  • TechSmith Chalkstar t-shirt
  • iMicro USB headset
  • tsc-grey-100px1 license for Snagit (PC/Mac)
  • 1 license for Camtasia Studio (PC) OR Camtasia for Mac

Here’s the question for Tuesday.

What is your favorite tip for using Discovery Education?

You can share your answer in a variety of ways. Leave a comment here on the DEN Blogs, respond via Twitter using the hashtag #DENlove, or post your response on Facebook or Google Plus, also using the hashtag #DENlove.



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  1. Sheila Fredericks said:

    My favorite tip for using Discovery Education is to have students download video clips and edit them. My students love editing the videos, muting the video and narrating the audio. Even better if they use it with green screening so that they control everything, and it’s first person! <3 #DENLove

  2. Sara Badiner said:

    My favorite tip for using Discovery Education isn’t a super exciting tip, but it is a HUGE time-saver! I use the “search by standard” feature every time I turn to DE for content.
    And if I’m looking for something very specific to a novel or something, I do a search just for that, but can then easily find the attached standard. Anything that saves me time!!!!

  3. @awesomescience said:

    I love to come to DE for resources and ideas. Today my best use (so far) is reading the comments on this blog to “steal” ideas from other dedicated teachers. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sara Badiner’s tip today. It is always changing so you never know what you are going to get, but you can always count on it being awesome.

  4. Kenyatta Davenport said:

    My favorite tip is using the Science Techbook to find awesome resources as well as to take notice of the Model Lesson that helps me to be able to understand how to get the point across to the students. I also love using the Brief Constructed Responses. These allow my students to be able to put their writing skills to use but they also allow me to be able to use them as a formative assessment to fully understand if students are grasping the information.

  5. Ami Edwards said:

    I love having my students do research on items that interest them! I love the Board Builder as well.

  6. Conni Mulligan said:

    My favorite tip for using Discovery Education is to remember to utilize the CC features on the videos and video segments. Play the videos without sound and display the CC’s before viewing the video to explore the content prior to the narration being heard. Then, play the video with the narration and the cc’s to assist all students with the information. Finally, you can download the cc’s on the editable items, allowing both students and teachers to edit them as needed to allow for video guided questions, increased fluency, vocabulary development, second language development and various other ideas for classroom use. AWESOME!!!

    • Michelle said:

      Conni, that is REALLY awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Rachel Yurk said:

    My favorite tip is to make use of the images. Have students edit, crop, add captions to them to tell more of the story. There are so many free image editing tools out there to couple with the use of these amazing images! #DENLOVE

  8. Ms. De Santis said:

    Need a background for Tellagami? Or how about an historical figure for ChatterPix? Or maybe you want to create an iMovie on the War of 1812? I use Discovery Education images (and video clips for iMovies) for all these projects. It provides dynamic images in a user friendly environment.

  9. Julie Smith said:

    We use Discovery Ed for student research in a safe environment. We find so many things that we can relate to the stories in our required textbook. This has saved me a lot of time since gathering materials over the summer is so easy and storage is Immediate.

  10. Michelle said:

    Love the Lesson Plan Library. Great way for me to find content to share with teachers after introducing them to Assignment Builder and Board Builder Tools.

  11. Chris Prout said:

    I enjoy watching my students use the. BoardBuilder tool to make interactive projects.

  12. Margie Rogers said:

    My all time favorite tip is to sign up and become a DEN Star–from being a star, I’ve learned to manage My Content, create editable videos, use all the builders (including the new Board Builder) access training materials so I can teach others…the DEN is my #1 go to resource for help, support, and my own learning.

  13. Courtney Larsen said:

    My favourite is simple… it is the search by standard button. It helps narrow down what I am looking for!

  14. Pauletta Renkema said:

    My tip for the entire school year: I love boardbuilder–students are encouraged to use it to create presentations using images and videos. Also, when absent from school -all you have to do at home is: using boardbuilder create a number of tasks using Discovery for students. Students are able to complete the tasks in the order that they choose. Students log in and they are able to view the board and complete the assignment for the day.

  15. Jenny said:

    I encourage my students to use the WebMath tool and even link to it in my parent newsletters. It has been very helpful!

  16. Stephen Kirsche said:

    I love the fact that most of the videos are available whole or in parts. This allows you to use as much or as little as you want!

  17. Elaine Plybon said:

    My favorite tip is to use the Student Center to provide students with the opportunity to explore, learn, and wonder! Give them time to search for their own information!

  18. Crystal Batty said:

    The resources can be adapted for Pre-K students. I made a board with board maker using videos with students sharing what they learned about the frog life cycle life cycle. It is really easy to upload sound clips, videos, and other resources found on Discovery.

  19. Lynn Bradley said:

    I love for my students to create a lesson for a video. They must provide an oral presentation around the topic, add annotations, and develop a comprehension quiz too! The student dress up as experts and really get into the parts that they play.

  20. Christa Heath said:

    Love DE for its differentiation capabilities. I can make assignments by ability and interest for each of my students. Which allows me to create lessons which truly increase student engagement

  21. Christa Heath said:

    It also to create differentiate instructions for my students based upon ability and interest .the students love having lessons built to their needs and increases student engagement

  22. Donna Miller said:

    Favorite tip – use the Thematic focus under the teacher center – great ideas! I also love the student center – kids like the look and enjoy exploring when I give them time.

  23. Paula Naugle said:

    I put each DE resource I will be using for the week into my lesson plans as a hyperlink (I create my plans in Google Drive) and then when its time to pull up the resource I simply click on the link and I’m there. My computer that is connected to my Promethean board keeps me logged into my DE account so the content opens right up. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so, and then the content opens. Saves me lots of time and my students (or a sub) can do it for me from my displayed lesson plans.

  24. Miranda Forgey said:

    I love the ease of finding short segments of video clips that I can use to stimulate inquiry or discussion or even simply introduce new content. The download feature is easy to use and let’s me put the videos directly into my flip chart lessons.

  25. Hollye Roblyer said:

    I love the Board Builder since students can have control of their learning through actively seeking information for their boards.

  26. Laura Cummings said:

    I love learning from the wide variety of professional development resources that are freely available to help you better use the Discovery resources and other web-based tools. I make sure I point my teachers to them as they are often so busy they overlook them.

  27. Lindsay Foster said:

    Our new love is Board Builder. My kindergarten students are learning to create multimedia presentations using it.

  28. Melissa Remus said:

    My students use the science tech book glossary all the time. It is a wonderful resource for kids of all learning styles.

  29. Julie Wray said:

    Using the advanced search option to narrow down the billions of hits.

  30. Sam Kar said:

    the best part is the video clips, as they help a lot.

  31. Donna Unterreiner said:

    Tomorrow I’m presenting what I call a “Discovery Commercial” for two groups of teachers in my building (about 150 teachers total). We’ve had Discovery for a number of years but just recently the district purchased Streaming Plus. I’ve been the leader of our DEN Stars for our District and I wanted to educate the rest of my building on all of the new advantages of Discovery.We will also be working with Discovery on our 1:2:1 inititive with grades 9-12. I’m hoping my “sell job” will encourage a large group to work with me this summer and love DE as I do.

  32. aheffernan said:

    I love boardbuilder and of course all of the videos. I also love the DEN

  33. Tracie Belt said:

    My best tip for using Discovery Education is to teach your studenents how to navigate Streaming and how to use what is in Discovery to help them see that research and citations are a piece of cake if you use Discovery as a source for primary sources, editable film clips, and pictures,etc. Along with the great variety of sources it is one stop shopping. Best of all, the citations for each item is already done, all they have to do is cut and pasted the citation to their source citation page. This also saves time in the classroom, because it limits the search to one site. I tell my students you must search Discovery first, before you can go out to a search engine to find more sites.

  34. Brenda Green said:

    My favourite Discovery Tool is showing my students how to download copyright free movie and edit them to make documentaries. I alway show them the citation area and insist they create proper citations and credits at the end of their movies.

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