We Have More TechSmith Prize Packs For You

dentawheaderNo, we are not kidding, our friends at TechSmith have really hooked us up and we’re passing along the goods to you! Today is the third day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week and we’ve got another question for you. Share your answer and you just might win some cool prizes. We will be selecting up to four (4) winners who respond to today’s question. Each winner will receive the following prize pack, courtesy of TechSmith.

  • TechSmith Chalkstar t-shirt
  • iMicro USB headset
  • tsc-grey-100px1 license for Snagit (PC/Mac)
  • 1 license for Camtasia Studio (PC) OR Camtasia for Mac



Here’s the question for Wednesday.

How do you share what you’ve learned with your colleagues and what’s something new you’ve shared?

You can share your answer in a variety of ways. Leave a comment here on the DEN Blogs, respond via Twitter using the hashtag #DENlove, or post your response on Facebook or Google Plus, also using the hashtag #DENlove.




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  1. Tracy Chapman said:

    Each month I host “T3” (Technology on Third Thursday at 3:30). This is a way we can share new things to use in the classroom. Lately we have focused on Google drive and its various attributes.


  2. Laura said:

    We have professional development walks. We go for a walk around the building–outside in good weather–and share what’s working in our classes. Yesterday I caught my colleagues up on what’s working in my literature circles..

  3. heidimorgan said:

    I present at professional conference and through my school’s professional development program. I LOVED presenting at the Fall and Spring DEN VirtCons. At the Fall VirtCon I shared Free and Easy Ways to WOW Your Students and Parents. At the Spring VirtCon I presented It’s All About the Cs, Connecting and Collaborationg. I also shared Technology, It’s Not Just for Consuming Information at DENapalooza in Milwaukee.

  4. Mattie Perry said:

    Most of the time, I share one on one with teachers and staff. Sometimes, I schedule a tech tip meeting after school for others to come and learn how to use Discovery Education. The most effective process is when teachers come to the media center to complete a media use form. On the form, teachers share their lesson plans. I share how wonderful DE is to build and to store their assignments. DE is another great way to be organized and for students to work at their own pace.

  5. Barbara M said:

    I share web sites through my Diigo site as well as sharing via email and face to face. Sometimes I create examples to share with other teachers.

  6. Amanda Templeton said:

    I send emails containing resources that I have found, used, or feel will benefit others. I also post all resources to my library website via PearlTrees so teachers and students can quickly access the resources they need.

  7. Cathy Mulligan said:

    I how a Tech Tuesday every week afterschool. This time is an opportunity for me to share new tech stuff with the teachers including all the wonderful stuff DE has to offer.

    The newest thing I’ve learned it Board Builder. The teachers were sooooo excited and have used it for many projects this year. Much more interesting and engaging for the student than a poster board with stuff glued to it.

  8. Josh Krisher said:

    I send out a weekly email that contains something new that I learned and I also make sure I am available when teachers need me to support their learning. My most recent email talked about dropitto.me. It’s an online service that connects with my dropbox account that allows people to upload docs, pics, etc into my dropbox, instead of them just downloading stuff from me.

  9. Margie Rogers said:

    I offer classes during summers, on Saturdays, and after school for teachers, as well as keeping a school blog and sending out an email newsletter where I share ideas with teachers. On a day to day basis, I try to work via close relationships with my 50+ teachers at our school, noticing what kinds of things they are doing with their kids and suggesting ideas for strategies and tools to try.

    Right now, I’m working with three 2nd grade classes on using editable videos, having the kids read their own writing in a voiceover with a DE video using iMovie. The kids have been truly impressed with the quality of their work. We are working on digital citizenship, as well, since each student is creating credits for their film, acknowledging that the video is from DE’s collection.

  10. Leah Cotle said:

    I have really enjoyed sharing about Discovery Education with my peers. I have paired with another teacher at my school to offer afternoon Tech Sessions in order to share this information. Teachers are thrilled about Board Builder and I am sure our use has skyrocketed!!!!

  11. Robin Martin said:

    I have tried a number of ways to share DE resources. We have had informal groups after school, during team time, professional dev days, mini conferences for face to face communication. In addition I created a Tech Times newsletter that showed different DE ideas and distributed it on paper to staff. Then I took that Tech Times newsletter and emailed it to teachers. Often I will now email the staff different links to the blogs, events, and new things DE is showing on their wonderful new site!

  12. Valaina Maher said:

    I have a Web Wednesday email that I send out every week. I usually have one link or item of information relating to DE. I also share the SOL information with them.

  13. Bill Russo said:

    Our Center for Teaching and Learning is always inviting faculty to share lessons learned with each other via forums and workshops. In April I led a session on technical resources for the flipped classroom. To encourage new “flippers” I shared how easy it is to use Snagit to create short topical teaching videos simply, in real time, and at low cost.

  14. Ami Edwards said:

    I usually share one on one with other teachers. Sometimes I email teachers, and I also share via Twitter and Google+. My students love DE and especially the Board Builder.

  15. Debby Dorough said:

    Loving being a STAR and an Ambassador. Learning so much! Can’t wait to share with colleagues. Already working on a PD plan for the summer to show off all the resources available. A lot of emphasis is on the Assessment tools right now, but there is SO much MORE that both teachers and students will LOVE!

    I do small group instruction for specific grade levels, presentations at Faculty meetings, and present at District conferences and workshops. I also publish trends, tips, and best practices in my monthly media newsletter. Will do “Tapas and Technology” in the summer. Teachers are invited to come enjoy some delicious food while we work on new tech resources!

  16. Carolyn Rains said:

    My favorite to share is the Board Builder! I introduced it to all 100 of my students and their homeroom teachers. I was then able to share one of the student boards at a faculty meeting for our 50 faculty members.
    I share online through my Personal/Professional Learning Network via Twitter and Facebook. I was able to locate the resources for a rubric and a note taking method by discussing Board Builder with my PLN.

  17. Assma said:

    There are ways to share my work with my Fellow teachers ,forexample i started a course on the my twit.acount in order to teach and answer there Q.I share my ideas by a program on my cell phone which is called what’s app it is really messages contains pictures . Also, i use the instegram which is a program that can shoe pictures of your work .

  18. Drucilla Owenby said:

    I run a LinkedIn Group where we share ideas, solutions and tips for a software used to create professional development. In addition, I present at various conferences to share my use of software, such as e-Learning authoring software, screen capture software and web development software. It is all about reaching the most people where they are and with what they need at that moment in time.

  19. Michael Ordovensky said:

    After returning from conferences (just got back from MSET in Ocean City, MD), I like to do what I call “drive by” PD. On my way to the copier, or lunch, I’ll drop by another teacher’s classroom during his/her planning.

    I share a quick tip…show something cool that I’ve recently learned…and say I’m happy to help if they have any questions.

    Due to the “busy-ness” of teachers, sometimes it may be two weeks…but invariably I’ll get a call/email saying…
    “Hey, Mike…remember that thing you showed me…?

    It’s just the same theory as giving a free sample of fudge–they don’t know they want it…until they do! 🙂

  20. Mario Eleftheros said:

    Sometimes an old tried and try method works for me. Actually sitting down with someone or several people and demonstrate what I learned. Might take more organizing and finding the time is not always easy but I find it is the most worthwhile and appreciated.

  21. Anne Shrode said:

    Recently, I have held morning meetings for teachers before students arrive on campus. I have shared with them how to create a Board Builder project, and how to assign, review and share student boards. Teachers have gone back to their classrooms ready to tackle the ins and outs of this engaging new tool. It has really taken off at our school and now all students in 5 out of 6 grade levels have received instruction on how to create a board. Imagine what we will be able to do next year!

  22. Deborah Thonus said:

    I share DE resources and ideas with fellow staff members about once a month after school in my classroom. My favorite things to share are the S.O.S. strategies and the Student Center and Board Builder!

  23. Neene said:

    It depends on what I have learned to determine how I will share it. Sometimes it is watercooler talk, sometimes it is a professional development session, sometimes it is an email, sometimes it is a Tweet, sometimes it is a blog post, sometimes it is sharing a Google Doc of notes, and other methods. Really it depends on what I have learned and who I think will benefit from co-learning with me.

  24. Paula Naugle said:

    There are just about as many ways to share information as there are wonderful resources on Discovery Education. I present at conferences both in person and virtually. I tweet and post gems that I think others will find valuable. I share daily at lunch, in passing, over a cup of coffee. At our PLC and grade level meetings I tell others how I am using DE resources with my students. Sending an email to colleagues with links to great blog posts, articles, lesson plans, art projects, STEM projects and so much more is another way I share out information. Just find which way of sharing works best of you and make it a point to share something every day.

  25. Wendy norton said:

    When I find something new and wonderful to share. I usually start by showing the uses to other members of my team. If the feedback is positive I present to the entire faculty in our monthly meeting. If the reception is good I will go to the next level and share with district science personnel to spread the word to other schools. Occasionally I do examples and post for all to see on either edmodo or moodle. Sometimes I post a using board builder too!!

  26. Kim Adair said:

    I share by collaborating with every classroom teacher in my building. We talk about curriculum and I share ways to infuse technology into the lesson. Together we create great projects for the students to show what they know.

  27. Christine Ruder said:

    I share what I learn with others in a variety of ways. I use Twitter, email, and our school uses a learning management system called My Big Campus that I also use to disseminate information to my fellow teachers. I also present at conferences and Edcamps when I can. Something that I shared recently with the teachers was an app for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch is Chatterpix Kids. I made a handout of how to use the app with some ideas for how they could use it with the students in their classrooms.

  28. Karen Zilhaver said:

    I usually share with other teachers in small groups of 3, face to face. The last thing I shared was how to use the Civil War photo booth app with the Chatter Kid app on iPad. I then showed how students can upload the finished clip to their Discovery Board, adding text and other media depending on the assignment.

  29. Courtney Larsen said:

    My school is in transition to using Google Docs more. That has been my main way of sharing what I’ve discovered. Otherwise email or face to face. Actually I attended a google summit this previous weekend and am ecstatic about everything I learned. We are planning to do our own Slam! At out next pd session. I am planning to share AudioBoo with them because I’m LOVING that in my room!

  30. Kati Searcy said:

    I have several ways in which I share why I have learned with my colleagues: 1. Hosting a “Baby Steps” after-school workshop on a monthly basis for teachers at my school. 2. Teaching official professional development courses in my school system. 3. Presenting and networking at professional conferences, both in-person and virtually. 4. Tweeting. Twitter is my new thing – great tool for my own professional learning as well as for my students to share learning with a real world audience. @katisearcy

  31. David Chan said:

    Recently, I showed a colleague how to use OneDrive to create online surveys. Online survey automates and streamlines the process of collecting data from students. Although instructing the individual through point and click was helpful, the myriad of steps was difficult for the individual to grasp and recall subsequently. Screen and voice recording with a tool such as Camtasia may have been more effective and beneficial as the individual can recall the instruction at a later time as needed.

  32. PamWilliams said:

    We are beginning the process of becoming a hybrid learning school(three rotational model) using our newly configured middle school. I had the pleasure of re-introducing the builder tool and the classroom management tools to staff who were afraid that they wouldn’t have quality resources (without buying new ones) to guide their students through the independent and collaborative learning rotations. They re-discovered what a fantastic site Discovery Ed. is, and are very excited to move forward!

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