Teacher Appreciation Week Crosses the Pond

This year Discovery Education brought Teacher Appreciation Week to the United Kingdom.  James Massey and Mike Bryant, from Discovery Education, hit the motorway completing a whirlwind tour of England hand delivering invitations to the DEN Summer Institute.



Today, we surprised teachers at Green Dragon Primary School in Brentford, London with breakfast.



“Thank you VERY much for organising breakfast for us today.  The staff were a bit bewildered… but absolutely delighted to see the banner and the pastries – brightened up their morning!  The children have had a chance to think about Teacher Appreciation as well as they notice the banner.  Talk Homework this week will ask ‘Why do you appreciate your teacher?’

We’re delighted to have this partnership with Discovery…”

– Jane Buck , Deputy Headteacher, Green Dragon Primary School

We are very thankful for the dedication of teachers here in the United Kingdom and around the world.  Even though Teacher Appreciation Week ends tomorrow, the appreciation and admiration certainly continues.

Check out these videos from our pals at Discovery Education UK:

Teacher Appreciation Week Message from Christine Major & Michael Alger:


Teacher Appreciation Week Message from Lewis Bronze, Founder & Director of Content for Espresso, Discovery Education:




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