Fun Fact Friday: Rescue Rabbits

(©Bollux/Wikimedia Commons)

(©Bollux/Wikimedia Commons)

Did you know that in Cuba, when emergency service personnel need to rescue people from a collapsed building, they use sniffer rabbits to find them? It’s true!

Rabbits are perfect little rescue workers. Because they are smaller than dogs, they are able to get in and out of smaller spaces safely. They also have excellent eyes, and due to the way their eyes are positioned, they have an almost panoramic field of vision. Their eyes allow them to see things clearly that humans would only see “out of the corner of your eye” or would have to turn their head to see. This, along with their instinctual nature of being highly conscious of their surroundings, allows them to notice the smallest falling pebble or debris. They also have excellent night vision, which comes in handy while exploring dark and dusty environments.

Rabbits have excellent hearing, as one might expect! As their defining feature, their ears give them the ability to pick up a much wider range of sounds than a human ear can. They also have the ability to selectively distinguish sounds, which allows them to disregard outside noise while still being able to focus on the tiniest sounds that might aid in finding a lost person.

They also have an excellent sense of smell, and as anyone who has ever observed a rabbit’s nose knows, they’re always sniffing the air!

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