Teacher Appreciation Week – That’s a Wrap

You have an impact on your students every day. They may not always tell you, but you do. Take a look at this video from Adam Savage as he talks about a teacher who had an impact on his life. Who knows, one of your students might turn out to be a Mythbuster and talk about you some day!


dentawheaderTeacher Appreciation Week is winding down and to those of us at the DEN and Discovery Education, it’s been one of the best weeks ever. We are always excited to connect and share with the DEN Community, but this week, we had the chance to provide a number of great activities and special opportunities for the community, including some exclusive offers for our STAR Discovery Educators.

Here’s a quick summary of the week’s events. If you’re looking for more detail, read this week’s DEN Weekly Update.

  • Top 10 Ways Discovery Education is supporting teachers in May
  • Teacher Appreciation Week videos from Discovery Education employees
  • Take the DEN to Work Day featuring Peter H. Reynolds  (the archive is coming soon) 
  • What’s the 4-1-1? Webinar focusing on grant writing (the archive is coming soon)
  • Making Stuff with Discovery Education webinar (the archive is coming soon)
  • Exclusive offers for STAR Discovery Educators from our friends at:
  • Daily prize packs from our friends at TechSmith
    • Winners include Tracy Cropsey, Michael Ordovensky, Terry Glen, Jodie McCloud, Crystal Batty, Jenny Goff, Paula Nagle, Richard Truong, MaryLu Ringwood, Donna Unterreiner, Andy Losik, Laura Gonzalez, Janette Smith, Ketsana Phommalee, Libby Hamilton, and Annette McKee
  • Golden Ticket giveaways for the DEN Summer Institute


We hope you enjoyed the week as much as we did. Thank you for the conversations, the comments, the collaboration, and the commitment. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.



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  1. Deb Thonus said:

    DEN, Thank you so much for a wonderful week of gifts! Your appreciation means a lot! Teaching is a tough but rewarding job. The teacher’s influence reaches into the future, as do the terrific resources from DE!

  2. Michael Albert said:

    Great job as usual, thank you so much for the gift of time and all that you do to support the teachers throughout the year. Thanks for the virtual field trips which we find so valuable.

  3. Cyndi MacDonald said:

    My students and I Loved our gifts. Unfortunately my class was getting interrupted for many different reasons while Game on was happening. Is there a replay of the videos? Is there a place where we can view?

  4. Norma rockwell said:

    tGank you again for a wonderful teacher appreciation week it does make me feel appreciated and loved. Great job!it looks like you spent a year preparing for this week.thank you again

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