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dentawheaderWe have a few more prize packs to giveaway thanks to our friends at TechSmith. To have a chance at winning, simply share your answer to the following question in the comments below.

Share a teacher (could be one you had when you were a student – or even a colleague) who has inspired you to do great things? What did they do that was so special?

As Teacher Appreciation Week winds down, let’s not forget about who this week is for. It’s for you and every other educator working to make the world a better place. Whether the people you mention actually read or hear your thanks doesn’t really matter. The important part is that you’re taking the time to think about the impact they’ve had on you.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week



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  1. David Chan said:

    I would like to say my advisor during my Ph.D. studies. He inspired me to dream, to be creative, to never accept failure, and to always take the road less traveled.

  2. Sheila Fredericks said:

    #GaryKrissWrites taught me that both teaching and learning can be fun! Didn’t realize most of the time that we were learning. I think he had as much fun as we did! He was a college professor that was always there for his students, and the welcome mat was in front of his open office door. Students dropped by…just because!

  3. Belinda Perry said:

    I would say my fourth grade teacher Mr. Pierce. He inspired me to reach for the stars and never give up when my wings get tired.

  4. Joe Fromme said:

    My second grade teacher, Mrs. Bunten. She had every Hardy Boys book and would let me borrow them one at a time. In order to get the next book, I had to give her an oral book report on the book I was returning. She encouraged my love of reading, but also taught me to pay attention to what I read. This has served me incredibly throughout my life.

  5. Lilly Jensby said:

    My colleagues at my school inspire and encourage me to be more than I ever thought I could be. These are the most dedicated and amazing bunch of teachers I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

  6. Belinda Kinney said:

    All of my elementary school teachers inspired me to become an educator, and daily my colleagues support and encourage me to reach for the stars!

  7. Megan said:

    My former instructional coach has always pushed me to be more engaging and more student-focused. She would always work along side of me and mentored me to be a coach myself. Ok a total different and better teacher because of her!

  8. DiAnne Galm said:

    My former colleagues, Brenda Shahpari and Dolores Johns, they were brave enough to join me in a PA Leads grant that allowed us to integrate movie making, English and Social Studies. The winners were the students, who got to create, have fun, and learn all at the same time!

  9. Kristin Thorsen said:

    I was lucky enough to have the same math teacher for two years in junior high. Math was always a favorite subject, but Mrs. McGovern made it so memorable. Back when most still focused on the drill and kill of math, I remember how Mrs. McGovern challenged us to apply math through projects.

  10. tracy kuhnell said:

    My junior high math teacher Mr Prescott was the epitome of what a teacher is!! He taught math and instilled confidence in this extremely shy student. Wait. I also had the most fabulous college chemistry professors—-Drs Dennis Watson and Wayne McGraw. Those two were geniuses who taught to the pre-meds as well as us—-non-pre meds!!! What lessons I learned from these awesome teachers—–I try to use their techniques today!!

  11. Beth Weeks said:

    My previous principal Kelly Mercy always encouraged her teachers and motivated us to be the best we could be.

  12. Cyndi MacDonald said:

    I would like to share my 2nd grade colleague. He stepped up to the plate when teachers were not willing to take the kids to science camp, he pitched in and immediately adopted all of our 5th graders HIP HIP Horrya

  13. Kati Searcy said:

    Miss Irwin was my favorite teacher in high school. She demanded the most of me. We shared our love for the Lakers and would talk about the games. She let me take on challenges. I remember once we had to choose a book to read. She said my choice was too long for me to read in the prescribed time. But..she let me take the challenge, and I did it.

    Miss Irwin is the one of I think of when I’m in a presentation, and they say, “Think of the teacher who inspired you the most.” When I have hints for new computer passwords and one is “your favorite teacher,” her name is the one that I type.

    GREAT teachers like Ms. Irwin:
    -know and share our interests
    -encourage us to challenge ourselves
    -acknowledge us when we truly do meet their high expectations
    We want to be like them.
    We never forget them.

  14. Carmella Doty said:

    I give a shout out to Theresa Bedoya, Vice President for Admissions for Maryland Institute College of Design (MICA). Theresa was at my school reviewing art portfolios for perspective students to MICA. I had built a relationship with her over several years and she came to our program yearly to recruit students, but one year it was different. She came to recruit me to join other teachers for the Summer MFA degree program. She handed me the application and told me that she would recommend me for a scholarship. At that time I was the instructional coordinator for the Visual and Performing Arts program at my school and taught Computer and Media Arts to high school students. Thanks to Theresa, I was not only accepted into the highly competitive program but received a full fellowship to study at MICA for 4 summers and was awarded an MFA degree in Digital Imaging. This experience changed my instructional methodologies and pedagogy. It allowed me to step forward and become an Instructional Technology Specialist working with teachers on transforming their teaching. Thank you Theresa for handing me the application that Wednesday afternoon in my classroom.

  15. Kay Bolerjack said:

    My favorite teacher will remain Mrs. Stephens; she shaped my life mentoring me as a young adult and my daughters as teacher. She will always have a special place in my heart. Beyond those earlier years, I rely upon the memories of the many fine teachers I have had the pleasure to work beside. I was a tech specialist for many years and now have become a classroom teacher. As I work with my students on a daily basis I reflect on the nuances of those colleagues. I find myself in a moment where I am just as those I knew, while reading aloud I see Chris Moore, as he read along with his class. I hear myself using phrased that echo Nicki, Julie, Nancy and more. I wonder if I can ever fill the shoes of great teachers before me as I redefine my legacy for a new group of kids.

  16. Deborah Hilton said:

    My high school Biology teacher, Mr. Johannson inspired me and gave me confidence that I could succeed. I had him for both Biology and Advanced Biology. I was not a great biology student in the regular class, but I rose to his challenges in the advanced class. As his advanced students, he let us come in during our lunch and work \in the back.\ It made us feel like we belonged!

  17. Cindy Murphy said:

    My high school math teacher, Mr. Shields was the first teacher that challenged me to push beyond what we were doing in the classroom, it was exciting to be able to see that he had the confidence in my mathematical ability and that made me more confident. I love being a math teacher!


    I had so many favorite teachers, I am not sure I could name them all. However, I absolutely loved my high school mythology teacher Mr. Marino. He actually brought the characters to life. He would make his own references to the God’s and who they would have been in today’s society. He wore crazy lightning shoes and visor when we talked about Zeus. It is a class I will never forget. I don’t think I could thank him enough for the fantastic job he did in teaching his students.

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