Take the DEN to Work Day Archives: Make Your Mark and See Where It Takes

Although Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 is over, the DEN team’s goal is to make you feel appreciated and provide support for your work every day.  And on that note, Chad posted earlier today to share a recap of last week’s events, in case you missed them.

Take the DEN to Work Day last Friday was a highlight of our week.  Our goal was to provide the gift of time by featuring members of the Discovery Education team as they presented interactive sessions for your students.  In case you missed it, there’s still time!  Here is the archive of our featured presenter, Peter H. Reynolds.

Take the DEN to Work Day: DEN Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

Hear from the incredibly popular author and illustrator of children’s books as he delivers a message of creative inspiration. Peter H. Reynolds is the author of The Dot, Ish, and other amazing books and he will share his enthusiasm for learning in this exclusive session.


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