Deep and Wide Implementation

In almost every school system I have ever worked in there is a very real tension between providing high quality professional learning for every teacher and providing the on-going depth of experiences needed to produce lasting change. School systems typically do not have enough resources, otherwise known as time and money, to engage their teachers with the 30 to 100 hours needed to effect student achievement (Hammond & Richardson, February 2009, p. 48).

Digital Leader Corps is specifically designed to ease this tension. Teacher leaders serve as representatives within their school. They have the opportunity to go DEEP into digital transformation, through ongoing professional learning in full day sessions and then job-embedded coaching. In turn, their classrooms become learning labs, where teacher leaders experiment with new practices each day and invite colleague to observe and ask questions. Over time, teacher leaders expand their role as they WIDELY share their practice in the classroom and in a more formal staff development role.

Deep and Wide … makes all the difference in a change movement!


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