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It isn’t often that I am impressed by a company’s support of their product.  After finding out on Friday that 2 of my new Spheros were not working correctly and having planned to use them with students, I contacted the company.  I was very frustrated and expected to have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the Spheros replaced.  I couldn’t have been more wrong and I appreciate that I was wrong.  Today a new Sphero arrived as a replacement.  A WEEKEND was all that it took.  Thank you to the excellent customer service that stands behind the Sphero.  Thank you for the quick response.

My brother also explained to the non-robotic savvy person that battery life is and will continue to be a challenge.  I can’t wait to play some more with our Spheros.


My previous post three days prior:

Who doesn’t love the idea of a robotic controlled ball that changes colors, can be coded, and has a bunch of awesome free apps to use?

But unfortunately sometimes even all of the awesome features and extras don’t outweigh the negatives.  I’m down to 4 out of 6 brand new Sphero 2.0s working. 2 out of the 3 new ones that I purchased have been defective… blinking red, refusing to reset, charge, or wake up.  I guess the lesson that I have learned is that newer models don’t mean better.

At this time I could never recommend these to other educators.  I watched all of the videos and was so excited about this product but I expect a product to work when I purchase it.  If I would have not purchased the additional 3, I would have loved the product with the exception of the battery life. The kids love them as long as we don’t try to use them for more than 45 minutes. I have yet to have one last longer than an hour. They spend more time on the charger then they do moving.

Our goal was to be able to use these with multiple classrooms throughout the day.  Between 2 of them not working right out of the box and the battery life doesn’t even allow us to be able to use them the whole time during our hour of Design Lab, I am very unimpressed with this product as a viable piece of technology to be used in a school setting.  I am hoping that the company will stand behind their product and actually replace the 2 defective balls.  I will let you know how we will be using the Spheros in classroom instruction as well as if the company stands behind the product in upcoming posts.

I love a company that is innovative and stands behind their product.  Thank you Sphero!


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