Tech Wednesday with Justin

The Arc

Ever sit across from someone and think to yourself, I wonder what they’re listening to? Well I don’t know about you, but I certainly have. To set the pace for tech Wednesday I wanted to introduce you to something I think you’ll find very cool. I recently came across a truly extraordinary pair of headphones. Exciting right? They may not be the trophy pair of Beats you imagined, but they just might set a new bar for how you and I listen to music and interact with each other.


Ok enough already, let me just tell you about it. It’s called Arc and it’s made by a company called Wearhaus. Two very smart guys (young engineers from Berkley University to be exact) took an everyday item and added whole new element. Their concept is complex, but has fairly practical use. Imagine a scenario where you go into a room and everyone is wearing headphones (also known as modern day life). The primary difference being these headphones have the ability to connect without the use of any wires! How does this happen? Each pair of headphones utilizes a technology known as Bluetooth. Bluetooth was developed to send data through ultra-high frequency radio waves from a cell phone to a nearby computer. Dr. Jaap Haartsen (a native of the Netherlands) first developed the technology in the early 90’s and it became commercially available not long thereafter.  This signal allows multiple devices to connect using the Arc application. Users can now instantaneously become part of a multi-person listening party, workout session or even a performance!

Maybe someday we could see these headsets (or similar versions) in your school for use in interactive learning, silent sharing , or even remote presentations from different classrooms! The opportunities are seemingly endless, but for now things are still in their infant stage. Check out the video to see them in action! That is all for now, until next time!

– Justin