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May is almost over and for many of you, the school year has either ended or will end soon. Now’s the time to continue learning and sharing. Take some time to read this week’s edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community. Explore this blog series to learn more about the DEN Community and the resources being shared.

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This week’s Person of Interest is Dean Mantz. Dean is a DEN Guru and Leadership Council member from Kansas and was recently a DENny Award winner. Dean shares a lot of great information with the DEN Community (view his great LiveBinder here) and has presented at various DEN events over the years. Dean was one of many DEN Community members to take home a DENny Award for their role is doing great things for the community. If you haven’t seen the DENny Awards, the archive is available. This fall, he is helping Doug Mann with DENapalooza Wichita on August 23.


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