Spotlight on Strategies

I’ve been fortunate to attend several events lately where the spotlight has shined on our Spotlight on Strategy series. We’ve held 5 DENapalooza events this spring and at each one, have focused at least one session on this Discovery Education gem. The feedback we received after each event was very good, but many of the attendees called out the S.O.S. series as something they loved and were going to take back to their classrooms immediately.

At each event, we modeled one of the strategies, A-E-I-O-U, with the attendees. This strategy gives students a purpose when watching a video clip. As students watch, they need think of the following.

  • A= Adjective: A word or two that describes something they saw or learned
  • E= Emotion: Describe how a particular part of the segment made you feel
  • I= Interesting: Write something you found interesting about the content/topic
  • O= Oh!: Describe something that caused you say Oh!
  • U= Um?: Write a question about something you learned or want to learn more about

After showing the clip, a great discussion can occur. In fact, watch the clip below and share your thoughts in the comments.


The S.O.S. series is awesome. If you haven’t taken a look at these, the summer months would be a great time to start. Find your favorites, share what you think in the comments, and find ways to integrate these into what you’re already doing.

You can find the Spotlight on Strategies information in two places – the DEN Blogs by clicking S.O.S. in the top blue bar OR by logging in to and searching for “Spotlight on Strategies.”





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  1. AUDRA BARTON said:

    Can’t wait to do this with my school at tomorrow morning’s training.
    The SOS strategies are just the thing for our monthly DE meetings.

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