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On June 6, 1944, 160,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France, in one of the largest amphibious military operations in history. This mission led to a foothold in Europe, and eventually to the defeat of Hitler’s Army. The 70th anniversary of this event falls next week, so let’s take some time to investigate resources this week that you can use to help build your students’ awareness of this historical event.

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Have you seen the Calendar in the Teacher Center? Check out this awesome feature from your Discovery Education account. Click on Teacher Center and then Calendar. You can see upcoming holidays and events, and these events are already hyperlinked to resources within DE to help support learning.



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Have your students considered what it might have been like for those state-side during World War II, as they waited for news of their loved ones? Check out the Video Yearbook Collection from 1944. There is a collection of Universal Newsreel clips that came from MCA and the National Archives. These are the clips that played in movie theaters twice per week to keep the public “up to date” on what was happening in the world. Have your students compare this to how world news is disseminated now. What a difference! There is a tremendous collection of Video Yearbooks, starting from the early 1940’s. They are an excellent way to explore media through the decades.



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Listen to and read the transcript of President Franklin D. Roosevelt as he delivers his D-Day Prayer Speech from June 6, 1944. Have students, without video or image, take in and interpret his words as he valiantly led a nation through a turbulent time. Allow students to learn more about FDR, his life, and his legacy. Give them an opportunity to research the memorial in Washington D.C. Discuss the cultural significance of great orators throughout history.



Of course, consider using Board Builder to allow your students to build their own understanding of D Day and the events surrounding it! If you aren’t quite sure about using Board Builder, check out Jeanette Edelstein’s Board Builder for Students session from Spring VirtCon. Be sure to share your boards and tell us about your learning!


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