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A wise person once said… “Teachers are solar powered.  They recharge during the summer!”

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Over the past 9 months you have poured your body, hearts, and minds over countless lessons, projects, planning, … the list, as you know, is endless.

I encourage each of you now to take a moment to reflect on what happened over the past 9 whirling months.  What did you accomplish?  What did you try?  What did you do differently?  What moment/activity/lesson/tool did you take victory over?  OWN it!  REVEL in it! YOU did it!  YOU made a difference!

This morning, I spent some time with a few teachers on planning for next year (see… it’s already begun… a teacher’s work is never done!) and one proudly claimed “I’ve come such a long way and I really only started in November.  Imagine what I’ll be able to accomplish when I start the year with all of these resources and knowledge.”  I seriously wanted to cry on the spot looking at the gleam in her eye.  She, like many of you, looked that mountain in the eye and set forth on an amazing journey of transforming the way she learned and taught this year.  It’s been a privilege to watch it unfold.

So, again I say… OWN your victory… Share with us and let us know what it was.  We MUST continue to support and cheer each other on!

Now that we’ve reflected and know where we stand, let’s take a moment to look forward to the horizon.  What’s around the bend?  I encourage each of you to really think about HOW you are using digital media and technology.  Sarah Johangiry recently shared SAMR in Two Minutes with me and I found it an interesting way to examine where you currently are with your integration and where you want to be.  To start off your summer, take a moment and watch it.  Understand and own where you are, what’s the next stage, and what steps will be necessary to get there.

Now that you’re ready to start taking those steps, where do you go for help?!? How do you recharge YOUR learning? Yesterday, I held our final “What’s the 4-1-1” webinar titled “Summer Lovin” to share resources that can help support teachers.  I had fully intended to start really researching other great websites, blogs, programs, and then became so fully immersed in our own community programs, I realized there’s really  no place like home. So I spent time going back through old feeds and realized it was a GOLD MINE!

I panned the digital stream and am sharing these nuggets with you.

Below you will find the PDF, PPT, and archive of the presentation as well as links and descriptions of the resources shared.

I am just charging one small fee for moving ahead….. take a moment and share in the comment section the one thing you’re most proud of accomplishing this year and one thing you’ll be trying out this summer 🙂

Summer Lovin Resources
Presentation PDF and PPT
Webinar Archive
Google Doc Version of Resources Below

Spotlight on Strategies (SOS)
A weekly blog series that features simple integration strategies for using digital media.
Blog Series
Box Folder with All PDFs

Discovery Education’s Free Programs, Tools, and Resources
These resources are free to anyone, including non Discovery Education subscribers.  Lesson plans, virtual labs, competitions and more broken down by grade level and subject area, brought to you courtesy of some of our favorite partnerships with leading companies.
Discovery Education FREE Teacher Resources

Community Calendar
Each month Discovery Education features a community calendar filled with a variety of events and resources for you and your students to enjoy.
Community Calendar Series

Chad’s Choices
In an effort to help share what our community is discussing through social media, Chad Lehman, DEN Community Manager, created a special weekly series that features things he’s discovered courtesy of other DEN members.  Each week, he combs through Twitter, reading blogs, facebook, emails, and other social media outlets and brings to you the highlights. Explore this blog series to learn more about the people of DEN Community and the resources they share.
Chad’s Choices Blog Series

Digital Challenge Boards
The purpose of these boards are to guide you through explorations of Discovery Education’s digital content and tools.  Each board features 5 steps with accompanying videos and step-by-step handouts. Feel free to share these resources with your colleagues or use during professional development time. This summer we’ll feature topics such as The New My DE, Digital Integration, Student Center Experience, Builder Tools, and the DEN Community. Just search “Digital Challenge” in Discovery Education to have access.  All boards will be released by August in time for Back to School!
Example: Digital Integration
Example: Student Center Experience

A weekly twitter conversation on educational topics held on Thursdays at 8pm EST
#DENchat Feed
#DENchat Blog Series for Most Current Schedule of Topics

DENvice is a Facebook page where DEN STARS can continue conversations between the face-to-face and virtual events. It’s place to post your questions and get advice from DEN members.
DENvice Page

DEN Zone
The Discovery Educator Network and BAM Radio Network have partnered to bring you The DEN Zone. David Fisher hosts the program which focuses on highlighting DEN community activities and amplifying DEN voices on the topics you really care about.  Topics include but are not limited to FLIPped Class, Chromebook Roll Outs, Learning Through Music, BYOD, Untangling the Web, Google Glass, and more.
DEN Zone Podcasts

Techformers Unite
As educators (of any form or fashion) we are constantly saving the world through various challenges! Join the Techformers Unite team to boldly take on technology challenges that increases the use of these tools in your classroom. If you are ready to be a part of the Techformers Unite group, you just need to join our group and start attempting the various challenges! These challenges can be completely done by you, or you can do them with the students that you work with!
Techformers Unite Facebook Page

Making Stuff with Discovery Education Series
The series consists of tutorials and webinars to showcase a variety of tools to “make stuff” with Discovery Education content.  They are all related to student-created content using the funkiest web tools available. Each Making Stuff… will highlight one web tool and demonstrate how STUDENTS can use it to, well, make stuff. Webinars will be educator-directed; tutorials will be student-directed.
Making Stuff with Discovery Education Board

Create, Communicate, and Collaborate with Discovery Education
As part of our DEN Ambassador program, these resources are sharing during the 2nd phase with a special focus on the integration of Discovery Education digital media assets with Web 2.0 tools.  Each of these Google documents contain three Web 2.0 tools and corresponding handouts, blogs, tutorials that correlate with the themes of “Create” “Communicate” and “Collaborate.
Create Resources
Communicate Resources
Collaborate Resources
*Interested in enrolling your district in our Ambassador program?   Learn more here

DENfit Friday
DEN Fit Friday is an initiative that will help our community of educators come together and make fitness a more integral part of their lives. We are giving you the option to dip your toes into an array of healthy lifestyle choices, all while sharing with fellow community members via social media.
DENfit Website

Discovery Student Network (DSN) Weekly Summer Series
The DSN Summer Series is a structured, self-paced world of learning, with weekly themes and daily activities, designed to keep students engaged and involved over the summer months. As part of the series, students will stay connected to rich resources and the world around them, learning about new content and creating some of their own. Make sure your students have access to the Summer Series this year. Just search “DSN Summer Series” each week to find the newest updates or visit the DSN Blog
PDF Overview
Week 1 Sample: Art Smart
Week 2 Sample: Speed

Stay tuned for a special Summer School series from Discovery Education in August.

*For questions about these resources or other events similar to this one, please contact Jannita_Demian@discovery.com


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