iMakeiLearn: M.I.T App Inventor

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M.I.T. App Inventor is an app creation tool that makes teaching app building to students easy. There are lesson plans and resources such as the educator’s forum, and a free course in a box called App Inventor. MIT  App Inventor is making it easy for teachers to help develop their students into makers and builders.  They are also soliciting links to student work to showcase on their website, and are eager to support teacher use of their free resources. The re is also a MIT App Builder Summit from July 17-18, 2014. For more information on the wonderful free app building and teaching resources, and/or the conference visit the following website:


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  1. Hendrick Joshi said:

    Is the iMake iLearn app only available for Android devices for I am using an iPhone any idea how long might it take for them to release an iOS version as well?

    Hendrick Joshi

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