iMake iLearn – Minecraft EDU and Student Reflections

iMake iLearn

I have had the fortune of working with several second grade classrooms to use Minecraft EDU as part of a learning unit about communities.  Discovery Education resources played a vital part in creating the background knowledge to make this project successful.   In previous posts, I have shared what we have been doing and learning but as all powerful learning, it is through the words of the students that the teacher really is able to understand the impact of different projects.

During the last few days as our community unit was completing and students were playing in the world that they had built, I had the opportunity to interview many of the students. It was an opportunity to hear what individual students felt, learned, and enjoyed. This project gave everyone the opportunity to focus on critical thinking, collaborating, creating, and communicating which are all essential parts of learning about communities.



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  1. Tracie Belt said:

    Karie, As always you have written an awesome post about incorporating new and exciting ways to engage children. I know mind craft is a great way to help children realize how much creativity and ingenuity are a part of learning and problem solving. Great job!

  2. kimmie said:

    what a nice vid! this was a great initiative and even more genious execution the way you guys did it.
    i think i will try something similar with my summer outreach program this year.

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