#DENfitFriday- What is your Status?

I wrote about the awesome #DENfitFriday challenge here at the very end of May.  I was on a roll!  I had been religiously doing the various challenges, keeping up with my eating, and walking EVERY day!  Then disaster struck… (insert ominous Da-Da- Duuuuhhh here) known as the end of school! Now, you might say.. end of school is a great time to be even more on target because you need something that is regular.  Well folks, that didn’t happen.  So, I lost 2 weeks (yes.. I am admitting to it!) 2 weeks of staying on track.  Not going to lie, I am not looking forward to weighing in tomorrow (although, I am sure my scale is saying the same thing- it has been hiding for 2 weeks)  Have you been working on the #DENfitFriday challenges?  What are your favorite parts?  I enjoy the recipes, and this week I am going to do the Cinnamon French toast breakfast again, but I am going to use raspberry Greek yogurt and drop the bananas.  I also have started a Summer Fitness 2014 Pinterest Board  I went shopping today and stocked up on fresh fruits and vegetables.

My goals this week:

-Pack my lunch (and more importantly… EAT it)

-Fix my own breakfast

-Start the physical #DENfitFriday challenges

A whole 360 calories for this yummy lunch

A whole 360 calories for this yummy lunch

Look at all that produce!

Look at all that produce!


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