Discovery Education Summer School Recharges Educators

“Teachers are solar powered.  They re-charge during the summer”

Summer Teacher

Discovery Education is proud to announce a month long blog and events series that includes a variety of information to help re-charge educators with digital tips and tricks before they head back to school.

On Mondays, learn the creative ways Discovery Educators have been engaging their students with digital media through our Spotlight on Strategies series.  You can also join the team for our Discovery Education Summer School webinars at 7:00pm EST.  You can register for the webinars by visiting

Tuesday’s tips and tricks will show educators  how to maximize their experience with Discovery Education.  Our customer service team will be sharing all their secrets and the new updates.

Wednesday is DENsday. Join us as we highlight our community programs that will support you throughout the year.  Learn new ways to connect with your most valuable resource… each other!

Throwback Thursdays will feature our DEN team’s favorite archived events. We’ll show you how learning with and through our community can happen anytime and anywhere.

Fridays will feature a new “Digital Challenge” of the week.  These challenges will allow educators to dive into Discovery Education’s digital stream through exploring five steps that include videos and step-by-step guides.

We look forward to learning together! Bookmark our blog for the latest updates.




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  1. Cheryl Chase said:

    I tried to register for your summer webinar series and both links bring me to a page which says “Page Not Found” “Not sure what you are looking for here.”
    Can you send a link so that I may register for the August SOS Webinars?
    Thanks so much,
    Cheryl Chase
    Teacher Librarian
    Chickering Elementary School
    Dover, MA 02030

  2. Cheryl Chase said:

    I tried to follow the link for signing up for the webinars in August. The page was not found for both links provided within the Blog post.
    Would you kindly send the link to register for the webinars?
    Thanks so very much,
    Cheryl Chase
    Teacher Librarian
    Chickering School
    Dover, MA 02030

    • Stephanie_W said:

      I ran I to the same issue. Both links that I tried yielded no results.

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